We were very excited that Mhairi MacInnes joined us all the way from her home base in Vienna and came here via New York for our first 2018-2019 weekend event ‘GET UP STAND UP’.

She came here highly recommended from both ista HQ, and our ista Academy Shanghai founding members Anne Drouet and Darren Scully.

Coming with over a decade of knowledge teaching ista workshops to students all around the world, we were so very happy to be able to bring her here  27-28 October to explore Bob Marley’s legendary song with a group of 10 students from 2 international schools in Shanghai.

After discussing what message they got from the song and its lyrics, we worked together under Mhairi's guidance to really explore what 'Get Up Stand Up meant to the group. The group explored this title and what they would 'get up and stand up for'. We touched on many topics from looking after the environment, suicide awareness, caring for animals and their habitats, and caring for one another as humans. Through this exploration and Mhairi's expertise, the group were able to put together their ideas into powerful pieces that drew inspiration from their ideas and the creative process. We created artwork with the students "putting themselves in the painting" to say that its okay to talk, they used light and torches to show the smaller things in the natural world that they felt we need to look after and preserve, used a lot of movement to show the power of protest to "stand up for our rights", and together created their own song. 

After a big 2 days the students got to put together their own sharing for their parents and friends to show just some of what they learnt and discovered over the weekend.

In true ista fashion the whole weekend started with the words "Get Up, Stand Up" and from these words and the practitioners knowledge and experience with drama/movement and Music teaching around the world to discover through play. Together they created a sharing from all of this that was not rehearsed, and again in true ista Academy fashion, the first time the sharing had been run in its entirety was in front of their parents and friends. This is a great way to really encourage the students that it is okay to make mistakes in the moment and just roll with it and make the next one better.

What a weekend. GET UP STAND UP

It was a great start to a new chapter in the Academy's history being that we are running a new model of the Academy and although we had 10 students, it was indeed a great way to start and we look forward to growing over the next few events.