25 - 26 MAY, 2019

A wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and ages made up our group of 15 International students who came together and joined our weekend ISTA Practitioners and founding members, Anne Drouet and Darren Scully who were accompanied by our own in house Shanghai practitioner Hannah McFadden in what can only be described as an OUT OF THE BOX final weekend experience.

With the careful planting of seeds by our practitioners the students were asked what OUT OF THE BOX meant to them. This was something that this group aged from 9-16 didn't think about likely. 

There were many many ideas that came out of this brainstorming which produced phrases like - "Without these walls - I would be unstoppable" and "sometimes you need the dark to appreciate the light". It was clear that this particular group was looking to break OUT OF THE BOX rather than be stuck in the confines of one.

So off they went on a journey of discovery helped by the expertise of our practitioners the group was able to create a final performance which they performed in front of their friends and family which made us all think about the BOX we either live in or try to live outside of. 

All in all what an amazing weekend not only for the students but also for the practitioners. It was such a great way to cap off what has been a revolutionary year in the ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai's short history.

With the fantastic support of our hosts Western International School of Shanghai and ISTA International, none of this would be possible.