23 - 24 March 2019

International ISTA Practitioner Ulrich Gottlieb joined us from his base in Bankok to lead our second weekend event  TURN UP THE HEAT, which was held on March 23 - 24, 2019


Ulrich and our group of 8 students from 2 international schools in Shanghai ranging from Grade 10 right down to Grade 5 worked with the weekend title TURN UP THE HEAT to devise and create their own piece of theatre to show their friends and family on Sunday afternoon.

The group first got together on the Saturday with some regular ISTA Academy Shanghai faces mixed in with a new group of fresh faces and cracked straight into their work.

TURN UP THE HEAT for them was a mix of active movement in space combined with soft touches of drama, they even created their own Poem from their brainstorming. Two days is a very short amount of time but the creative nouse of this group really did make what they created truly theirs.  It was amazing to see from the sidelines how they made a soft, meaningful piece of Drama then without warning switching gears and really TURNING UP THE HEAT with movement in space. Then as if from nowhere slow the pace down again into Mime and a slow motion running race which was full of funny faces and expressionsAs with anything we do, there were many other ideas and pieces that didn't make it into the final show but thats the beauty of the creative collaboration process we love to encourage here. The only limit is time, and they got to put together the pieces they thought would work for what they wanted to achieve and keep the rest in the bank for another time.

Although it was a small group it really was a great opportunity for everyone to get involved, share their ideas and get to know Ulrich and learn from a very skillful and passionate ISTA practitioner.

Please enjoy a few snapshots and videos of the fun we had and as always if you are interested in this for your child please get in contact with us and we are more than willing to help.

The ISTA Academy Shanghai is proudly hosted at the Western International School Shanghai which allows us to use their spaces and resources for our events