The ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai is a safe and nurturing environment for students to create their own work, collaborate with others and connect with other like minded young people


To prepare young people for an increasingly unknown world, we need to help them practice in the unknown. The Academy brings young people from all around the world in Shanghai to collaborate, connect, communicate, find solutions, develop confidence and create their own work in a safe yet rigorous setting that is joyful and curious

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We primarily promote and achieve growth for performing arts. Other benefits of joining our weekend events include

- Build self confidence and confidence in others.

- Develop communication and language skills.

- Grow immagination and creativity.

- Gain a deeper understanding of social emotional skills and empathy.

- Learn more about yourself and find out that 'It is okay to be you'.


We bring an internationally recognized ISTA practitioner to run the event at our host school. They get together with the group on Saturday morning and take them on a journey to explore what the weekends theme means to them. Together they brainstorm ideas, play games, learn new movements, even create their own movements, text and often songs.

It truly is a collaborative and creative process which under the guidance of the international ISTA practitioner working in conjunction with the ISTA pedagogy the students engage their ideas with their imagination in a safe, 

encouraging performing arts environment that brings these ideas to life.  

Come Sunday afternoon they put together what they've learned and created into a drama 

performance that is open to Parents, Family, Friends and the local community to attend.

Finally the group takes a little time to reflect on what they've learned and shared. This is away of recognizing their achievement, solidify the connections that they have made with each  other and celebrate what they have accomplished over the weekend.