ISTA Shanghai Pedagogy


The structure of the course follows an extended ISTA festival in which we explore dynamics through ensemble work, develop skills and talents through intensive workshops and push the students to respond to stimuli in creative and deeper, meaningful ways.

Who are we?

We are an inclusive and diverse performing arts community that provides young people the opportunity to create and connect across cultures, developing skills and awareness to engage with and change the world responsibly.

What can the ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai do for your child? 

The ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai has a proud legacy allowing students to dive deeper into physical theatre in a new course structure which is modeled off an ISTA festival. Yes, we build skills in the Arts, but the Academy also builds many other foundations to enable young people. We also help

- Build Self-confidence and confidence in others

- Build communication skills, imagination and encourage creativity.

- Build Social emotional skills

- Build empathy and understanding. 

Our aims


Based on ISTA festival pedagogy, the Academy aims to nurture and develop the talents of young people aged 7-18 who are passionate in Drama, Dance, Physical Theatre, Music, Theatre Technology and Set Design.